Village of Elsah Museum
Annual Photography Exhibit
"Elsah: A Gem in our Midst"
April 5 - August 2, 2014


"Ravine in Fog"
by Jeffrey Vaughn
2014 Purchase Prize winner
  "Red Wood in Woods"
by Carolyn Schlueter
2014 Village of Elsah Purchase Prize winner
“Elsah: A Gem in our Midst” is the theme of The Village of Elsah Museum’s 2014 Annual Photography Exhibit. The purpose of this annual exhibit is to celebrate and foster an appreciation of the beauty and unique qualities of Elsah and the immediate area in every season. Each year the Museum chooses a theme designed to bring out a different aspect of Elsah’s surroundings. This is the 14th annual exhibit and the twelfth year for which there are first place purchase prizes.

In order to encourage an appreciation of the beauty of the entire area within and in the immediate area of the corporate limits of the Village, two first-place purchase prizes were offered based on location. The judge was Janice Nesser-Chu, a working artist and professor at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. The Village of Elsah contributed the purchase prize for the photograph of a place in the valley area and donated the second purchase prize for a photograph taken in the surrounding area. 

Village of Elsah purchase prize was awarded to Carolyn Schlueter of St. Charles, Missouri for her work titled, “Red Wood in Woods.” The work was a digitally taken and digitally printed photograph of a restored barn structure in Elsah made of old wood formerly painted with red paint, but now is a soft, but dark patina of red. The judge made the purchase prize award because the work best expressed both the theme and purpose of the exhibit along with the quality of the composition. 

The purchase prize was awarded to Jeffrey Vaughn of Alton, Illinois. The title of his work is “Ravine in Fog.”  A medium format camera with transparency film created the image. The photograph, 11 X 11 inch edition, is a digital chromogenic print of a bluff ravine with woods and a leaf strewn ground in misty fog.  The composition invites the viewer into the place of mystery, yet it is a very familiar, beautiful bluff scene. The square format adds to the containment of the image and viewer’s attention.

Three photographs received special recognition for quality composition and unique perspectives. The first was  Jim Noeninger’s “Restoration in Progress” providing a unique composition showing the Mott Building with the landscape and street views reflected in the windows of the store front with images of the objects inside adding to the composition. The second special recognition was Shirley Koelling’s “Open Door to Elsah” photograph of a barn/garage with an open door that invites the viewer into the space created by the composition. The third special recognition was given to Gretchen Batz for her film created, color print photograph, “Vintage Glass.” It was partial view of a small building on the Principia College campus located in an area called “Eliestoun.”  The photograph shows the view through two gothic windows on both sides of the building with a reflected image of leaves on the window closest to the viewer and the leaves as seen through the building to the outside the window on the other side.

In this exhibit the following photographers are represented: Joan Baker, Gretchen Batz, Jennifer Boswell, Rebecca Dupont, Richard Dupont, Amanda Hanna, Jody Jedlicka, Karen King, Shirley Koehhing, Tami Nasi, Bonnie Noeninger, Jim Noeninger, Carolyn Schlueter, Josh Simpson and Jeff Vaughn.  Participants are from the local metro area as well as Springfield and Centralia, Illinois.
  The exhibit is held at The Village of Elsah Museum, 26 LaSalle Street, and is open to the public 1 pm to 4 pm, Fridays through Sundays. Visitors to the exhibit will also find other exhibits covering the varied architectural styles found throughout the town, Principia College, nearby New Piasa Chautauqua, and tools and other implements used by past residents.  

Financial Support for this exhibit has been provided by
Village of Elsah Burton Art Services

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