Rockwoods Reservation

2751 Glencoe Road
Wildwood, MO


Rockwoods Reservation state forest and wildlife conservation area in St. Louis County, Missouri. First inhabited by a number of Native American tribes, the area was settled and farmed around 1800 by the Hamilton family of Kentucky, for which the Hamilton Creek was named. In 1854, the land was purchased by the Woods Christy Lumber Company, who performed extensive logging operations and then acquired by the Cobb-Write-Case Mining Company in 1868. A thriving mining community was established during the following decades by the Glencoe Lime Company to quarry the area’s plentiful limestone. When that company went bankrupt in 1938, the newly-formed Missouri Department of Conservation was able to acquire the property through the efforts of a group of St. Louis businessmen led by Albert P. Greensfelder. Other gifts and purchases have increased the area to its present size of 1,880 acres.

Rockwoods Reservation harbors a rich diversity of plant and animal life as well as springs, caves, and rock formations. Cool, moist, north facing ravines and lush creek bottoms contrast with the nearby arid, rocky ridge tops, and south slopes. The terrain is reminiscent of the Ozark hills and, indeed, many plants and animals found in hill country are also found here. Visitors can discover Missouri's forests and wildlife on seven hiking trails which comprise 13 miles of foot trails of varying length and difficulty. The bird watching is excellent and Rockwoods Reservation is listed as an Important Bird Area by Audubon Missouri. The area is also home to raccoons, opossums, turkeys, deer, fox, songbirds, chipmunks, and snakes.

The Conservation Education Center contains exhibits and information about the forest, fish, and wildlife resources of Missouri. Programs are available by advance registration for school field trips and other organized groups.


Visiting Rockwoods Reservation
Visiting Hours
Open sunrise to one-half hour after sunset daily
Visitor Center Hours
Tuesday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday and holidays
There is no charge to visit to visit Rockwoods Reservation


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