Attractions of the Tri-State Region

The Tri-State Region includes Lee County in southwest Iowa, the northwestern Missouri counties of Lewis and Clark, and the western Illinois counties of Hancock, Adams, and Pike. The region’s include a wide variety of museums, historical sites, natural areas, and art interests in the communities like Quincy, Keokuk, Fort Madison and Nauvoo. History can be explored at the Abe Lincoln’s Talking Houses Tour in Pittsfield and small museums like Dr. Richard Eells House in Quincy and Miller House Museum in Keokuk. The Keokuk Observation Deck provides a great view of the Mississippi River and overlooks Lock & Dam No. 19. Other Locks and Dams that can be visited can be found in Canton and Quincy. Quincy offers visitors a number of unique attractions including the Villa Kathrine, the Quincy Museum, and Indian Mounds Park. Nauvoo is noted for its historical recreations as well as the Nauvoo Temple. Nature can be explored at state parks like Nauvoo State Park, Wakonda State Park, and Siloam Springs State Park. Learn about frontier history at Old Fort Madison, a recreated early 19th century military outpost. Those interested in the Arts can visit the Quincy Art Center and the Fort Madison Area Arts Association Gallery Depot.

Lock and Dam #10 Keokuk, Iowa

Lock and Dam #10
Keokuk, Iowa


There is a wide range of attractions for visitors to Lee County, ranging from historical sites such as Old Fort Madison and the George M. Verity River Museum to the scenic views atop the bluffs of Rand Park. For those interested in Mormon history, Lee County is the beginning of the Iowa Leg of the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail and has a number of interpretive exhibits throughout the county.

Monument to Women Memorial Garden Nauvoo, Illinois

Monument to Women Memorial Garden
Nauvoo, Illinois


Hancock County is rich in history and offers other types of attractions as well. Today Hancock County is most known for its Mormon history. This era of life in Hancock County can be fully explored by visiting sites such as the Historic Nauvoo Visitor’s Center, the Family Living Center, and the Carthage Jail. Other aspects of Hancock County’s history can be found at the Weld House Museum, the Rheinberger Museum, and the Kibbe Hancock Heritage Museum. The natural beauty of Hancock County can be seen at Nauvoo State Park and the Weinberg-King State Fish and Wildlife Area.

Villa Katherine Quincy, Illinois

Villa Katherine
Quincy, Illinois

Adams County, Illinois

Quincy is the main attraction in Adams County. This city that sits on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River is home to a number of interesting places to visit. The Dr. Richard Eells House is recognized by the National Parks Service as an important Underground Railroad site. The John Wood Mansion is the restored home of Quincy’s founder and the twelfth Governor of Illinois, John Wood. Indian Mounds Park is one of the few places in the state where visitors can view Native American mounds. Quincy Museum in the Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion is home to exhibits on the Victorian era, Native American artifact exhibits, and a dinosaur exhibit. The Villa Kathrine is a unique example of Mediterranean architecture in the Midwest. and is home to the Quincy’s Tourist Information Center, a convenient first stop for visitors to Quincy. Rural Adams County features the Golden Windmill, the only smock mill with its original stones and gears in Illinois, and the 3,323-acre Siloam Springs Park.

Battle of Athens State Historic Site Revere, Missouri

Battle of Athens State Historic Site
Revere, Missouri

Lewis and Clark counties, Missouri

Lewis and Clark Counties offer a variety of attractions for visitors. History can be taken in at both the Iliniwek Village State Historic Site, where a pre-European Native American village is interpreted, or at the Battle of Athens State Historic Site, the site of a Civil War battle and a site of a 19th century settlement. The Battle of Athens site also provides activities where visitors can engage with nature as well as camping opportunities. Wakonda State Park offers similar nature and camping opportunities.

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