Visitors Guide to the Tri-State Area
Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri

The northern most region that covers is a collection of six counties in the area where the borders of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri meet. The cities of Keokuk, Fort Madison, and Quincy have all made significant efforts to make a visit to their community an enjoyable experience. The town of Nauvoo, known for its place in the history of the Mormon’s Great Trek to Utah, is the most comprehensive restoration project in the Middle Mississippi River Valley. It’s entirely possible to spend a full day exploring Nauvoo. There are plenty of museums, cultural institutions, and events to keep a visitor to the region occupied. Nature lovers will find plenty of state parks and conservation areas. One of the most scenic sections of the Great River Road is IL-96 south of Nauvoo where the tree-lined road is just yards from the river and is very beautiful in the fall and where bald eagles can be seen in the winter. Our coverage that includes Lee County, Iowa, Lewis and Clark Counties in Missouri, and Hancock, Adams, and Pike Counties in Illinois.


Explore by Community

Counties are the starting points for exploring the region’s communities. If you aren’t sure what community you are interested in use the communities listed alphabetically page.


Explore the Attractions

Attractions are grouped in smaller regions, usually by community or by a group of communities. If you aren’t sure what attraction you are interested in use the attractions listed alphabetically page.


ExploRe the Events

Events are organized in two ways. There is a traditional block calendar that displays events in a monthly format. A summary page precedes this feature allowing readers to look for events based on certain attributes



The Tri-State region offers it’s visitors a variety of options of where to stay overnight from outstanding B&Bs, guest houses, and hotels.



We have organized the places to eat by locations where there are a fair number of choices. The restaurants selected for a listing have demonstrated an effort in its web presence but understand we are not making any recommendations.


More Activities and Features

There are more activities in the Tri-State region than can be put into a few categories. Our more pages allow our readers to explore all that the region has to offer.